Tuesday, April 19, 2011

air raid bunker conversion to home by realarchitektur


realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker 1realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker 2realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker 3realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker 4realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker 5realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker 6realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker 7realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker 8realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker 9


conversion and extension of an air raid bunker in berlin for the collection of contemporary art and living spaces for the art collector christian boros and his family.

architects: realarchitektur (jens casper, petra petersson, andrew strickland)
client: christian boros and karen lohmann



Weaver said...

cosy - I particularly like the "watch your head" black plinths through the wall...

chic cham said...

just discovering your blog! Great. Beautiful style

I need a guide said...

thanks chic cham!
I also like your blog!