Friday, August 19, 2011

kate mccgwire


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feathers sculptures by kate mccgwire



Semyko said...

that`s a great idea to built sculptures with feathers!

Zoë said...

wow it looks amazing, so real...

When i saw it I felt like there is a monster coming out from all those places.

It's great idea and so inventive!

Thanks for sharing it

I need a guide said...

yeah, she is a great artist!
Thanks for comments.

Jana said...

where do all the feathers come from, detached from their owners so we could turn their feathers into neat-o art/entertainment?

I need a guide said...

Hi Jana, the feathers are not detached from the birds!

In an interview kate mccgwire said:
"I am currently using pigeon feathers as they come from a bird that is generally reviled - regarded as vermin and referred to as ‘rats with wings’. I started to collect pigeon feathers that moulted from the birds in a shed next to my studio – I realised that they were actually very beautiful"

source: saatchi gallery